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100% production in its own hall based on its own technology and developed solutions in an extensive internal R&D department.


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Dysten devices use open protocols that are easy to integrate into any system.


We design all devices ourselves, our engineers have developed solutions to increase reliability and reduce power consumption.


Technical support and service team available to cover client needs in every phase. Technicians can assist you during installation, set-up, repairs and maintenance.

ISO 9001

Each new product goes through 5 stages:
Feasibility Study, Concept and Custom Design, Project, Prototype, Production.

Best Variable Message Signs &
Parking Displays Manufacturer – Europe

Global Light Rail Awards – Technical Innovation of the Year, London

Smart City Poland Award

Best Smart City & Railway Information Displays Manufacturer – Europe

Global Light Rail Awards – Best Customer Initiative, London

Best Railway Passenger Information Displays Manufacturer – Europe


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What clients say about Dysten?

Businfo company is fully satisfied with all the work carried out by Dysten. It has been a pleasure working with such a formidable team, always present and always engaged in the project, which is essential for this type of product. The quality of products and services delivered by Dysten is truly impeccable.

Nathalie Ghertman

Assistance Direction, BusInfo

The DYSTEN company designed, manufactured, delivered and installed a Dynamic Passenger Information System (…) along with a sound system (…). The equipment installed represents high-end quality and reliability, and the DYSTEN employees who implemented the system demonstrated exceptional professional skills.

Henryk Szudy

Board Chairman of the Inter-Communal Association of Passenger Transportation

We are very happy with the up-till-now cooperation, quality of the products, project management and overall logistics provided by DYSTEN as well as with DYSTEN fast reaction for any problems faced during product preparation, roll-out and maintenance phases.

Jarosław Kardas

General Manager in Iqu Systems

WASKO has been cooperating with Dysten for several years in the field of devices for Intelligent Transport Systems based on LED technology. The devices are technologically advanced and are always characterized by high quality workmanship.


Over the past 5 years, the company has proven itself to be a reliable and reliable partner, and the technical solutions offered meet high technical and quality standards. At that time, the company made and delivered specialized LED screens for the presentation of stock exchange listings for the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Warsaw Stock Exchange

Dysten is a reliable partner and the offered products are very high quality and technologically advanced.

GMV Innovating Solutions

We recommend Dysten's devices for passenger information in vehicles and at stops. During the integration stage, Dysten turned out to be a very professional and at the same time flexible partner and its devices are made very accurately and meet the highest world standards.

Asseco Poland

Boards provided by Dysten were made to specifications, and employees demonstrated professionalism and flexibility during implementation. The boards are characterized by high quality and trouble-free operation.

Trapeze Switzerland GmbH

DYSTEN’s reliable technology and services offer incredible value and provide continued success to Intelligent Transport System area

Iqube GmbH, Germany

Full colour LED RGB passenger information displays

LED amber passenger information displays

TFT LCD Passenger information displays

E-paper timetable & E-paper dynamic passenger information totems

LCD passenger information displays 

Variable Message Signs – VMS

Smartcity LED parking displays

Information Totems & Info-kiosks

PA System

Emergency & Text to speech panels

Destination displays

LED stage design for theater and TV studios

Stock exchange displays

LED/LCD Video walls

Low Power LCD passenger information displays